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 Arrow Board
  • Arrow Board

  • Model : DN-ABV25-B1
Donartech’s Vehicle Mount arrow boards are designed for maintenance, ,construction zones, sweeping operations, and other situations where advance warning is needed for motorist on temporary basis. LED arrow boards available many installation models to meet your specific needs. Standard and custom truck mounts frames available to fit your needs with or without an actuator control.



- High-Intensity LEDs provide superior visibility.

- Adjust the brightness automatically, reduce energy consumption.

- Independent module operation, easy for maintenance.

- With advanced Hand hold controller

- Multiple programming options

- Weather-resistant Construction, Water / moisture resistant.

- Powder coat paint.

- Choice of sizes and mounting options.

- Option for Actuator or without Actuator.

- All screws and connectors do loose proof treatment to prevent separation due to vibration during travel and operation.


- Dimension: 1500x750x50mm

- Paint:  All powder coated

- Flat black finish to reduce glare

- LED angle: 30 degree viewing angle

- LED life: 100000 hours

- Visual Distance: more than 300 m

- Power: 12V DC or solar power option

- Operating Temps: -20 ℃to 70 ℃

- Weight: 35KGS

- Guarantee: One year


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