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Folding Message Sign
  • Folding Message Sign

  • Model : DN-VMP1F-B1
Designed and manufactured by Donartech, the Folding message sign(DN-VMP1F-B1) is for portable use. It can display any range of messages composed of letters, symbols. It is very ultrathin and flexible, and easy to maneuver, operate and maintain.


Easy Messaging. Wirelessly—use Bluetooth mobile phone to program and scroll through your messages, change settings and check battery level.


Very quickly for set up, update and pack up!


Portable stand, telescoping mast with adjustable rigid or roll-up sign brackets allow for variable sign height adjustments. Stand is stability during high winds. Legs enable you to set-up in seconds without having to bend over or stoop down. A two-position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain.



- Folds away for easy storage and stow ability.

- Plugs into car cigarette lighter or auxiliary battery pack.

- Automatic adjustment brightness for all light conditions

- Multiple programming options

- Graphics and logos can be used,

- Wireless Buletooth communication via mobile phone.

- Multiple lines of text and sizes.

- Use for Arabic and other fonts available

- Schedule multiple on/off times for messages

- With portable stand.


Foldaway sign size: 720X700X80mm

Setup sign size: 1440X700X40mm

Weight: 18 KGS

Portable stand weight: 7KGS

LED colour: Amber

LED angle: 30° viewing angle

LED life: 100000 hours

Power: 12V DC or Solar panel

Working temperature: - 20° C to + 70° C

Case: Aluminum (black paint)

Guarantee: One year 

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