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Radar Sign
  • Radar Sign

  • Model : DN-SDR3S-B1
Donar technology's radar speed sign is a kind of High-performance, low-cost traffic safety device. Built-in traffic Radar, intelligent controller, battery, high –brightness LED display, high-performance software, available many expandable interfaces.Use 3M diamond reflective sheet, superior visibility.




- With professional traffic radar K-band, 24.150GHz.

- Adjustable radar speed sensitivity.

- Measured vehicle speed unit KM/H or MPH.

- Easy to set limit up speed or limit down speed.

- Can set multiple time periods for different limit speed.

- Display mode settings, display flash or display static.

- High-Intensity LED, automatically adjusts brightness.

- Available AC, DC and Solar power support.

- Weather-resistant Construction.

- Choice of size and mounting options.

- Particularly use in dangerous, high-risk areas.

- Use 3M diamond reflective sheet, superior visibility.



 - 3 Digits LED display

 - Dimension: 720X600X180mm

 - LED digits height: 33cm

 - LEDs color : Red/Green

 - Speed : from 10 to 199 MPH (or KM/H)

 - Accuracy : ± 1 MPH (or KM/H)

 - Radar : 24.150Ghz (K-band)

 - Detective range: 200 m

 - Visibility: 300m

 - Working temperature : - 20° C to + 70° C

 - Available AC, DC, or Solar power

 - Weight : 12kgs 

 - Guarantee: one year



Collect traffic data record in SD card

Wireless communication download traffic data

Solar panel and battery

Portable stand


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