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Solar  LED sign
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Donartech’s solar LED traffic sign is Reliable and durable and easy operation. Generally used in construction work, footway, U-turn, slow down etc traffic and safety industry. It is auto working according to light sensor. LED will flash under condition of evening, rainy day, or lack of light, and advise driver or pedestrian the front road traffic condition. We use waterproof solar panel and USA brand C&D rechargeable battery, solar traffic sign can keep long working time under continuous overcast and rainy weather.




Product sizes and graphics can be customized

Material:Aluminum Magnesium Alloy


Reflective Film:3M super grade

Solar panel:Monocrystalline silicon

Solar panel Power:6W

Battery Type:polymer lithium battery

Battery:3.7V 8.8AH

Rainy days continuous time:150 hours

LED:High-Intensity wide angle

LED color:White\Red\Yellow

LED Life:100000Hours


Working temp:-20℃to+70℃


VIsual distance:300m

Warranty:One year







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