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Radar Early-warning
  • Radar Early-warning

  • Model : DN RRS1A B1



Main Feature

- Feedback driver early-warning signal when detect over speed.

- Warning signal can be text, burst flash, buzzing to avoid hazards.

- Portable design with stand bracket, convenient installation .

- Use wireless control, available Mobile App or Windows software.

- With professional traffic radar K-band, 24.150Ghz.

- Adjustable radar sensor sensitivity.

- Can set multiple time periods for different limit speed..

- AC, DC and solar power are optional.

- High-Intensity LED with low power consumption.

- Use 3M diamond reflective sheet, superior visibility.


- Dimension: 900X550X110mm

- LED Display: 770X385mm

- LED Pixel: 64X32 pixels

- LED Color: Amber

- Radar:24.150GHZ(K-band)

- Detective range: 200m

- Visibility:300m

- Working Temperature:- 40° C to + 70° C

- Available AC, DC or solar power options

- Waterproof:IP54

- Battery type: polymer lithium battery

- Net weight: 25Kgs

- Warranty: one year


- Wireless communication

- Burst flash warning equipment

- Buzzing horn equipment

- Special made flight case


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