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Trailer Mount VMS
  • Trailer Mount VMS

  • Model : DN-VMT1A-H20



Trailer Mount Variable Message Sign

Item: DN-VMT1A-H20 

Main Feature:

- LED Full Matrix clearly display graphics and the text.

- Ultra bright highly legible LEDs display message clearly.

- Low power consumption and more uptime.

- Support multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.

- Can display English, Arabic, Spanish, special letter form.

- Can display symbols, graphics and animation..

- Individual display LED modules can be replaced easily.

- With hand hold controller.

- Program message by laptop or mobile phone with Donartech software.

- Communication via RS232 or wireless Bluetooth.

- DC, or Solar power option.                                                      

- Weather-resistant Construction.

- Powder coat paint.

- Choice of sizes and mounting options.

- Hydraulic function for operating message panel lift.

- 360 degree rotating for message panel.

- photocell auto dimming



Display specification:

- Dimension: 2120x 1150 x 145mm

-Display Type:LED Full Matrix

-Displaying area :1920x960mm

- LED lattice:96x48 Pixel 1x5 mm LED per pixel

 - LEDs color : Amber

-Enclosure:IP54 equivalent,front access

 - LED angle: 30 °viewing angle.

- LED life: 100000 hours

- Visual Distance: 1000 M

- Power: 12V DC or solar power

- Operating Temps: -20 ℃  to 70 ℃

- Guarantee: one year


Trailer specification:

- Rotating 360° Telescopic Mast


-Working height:3400mm

-Wheels and Tires:13” 165/70R13

-Jack stands:15 inch,3000LBS

-Battery/Controller Box: Stainless Steel fabrication,lockable.  

-Total weight: 800KGS



Solar Panels:3x150 Walt Panels

Batteries:600AH deep cycle

Solar Controller:20AMP


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