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Portable Message SIgn
  • Portable Message SIgn

  • Model : DN-VMP1A-B2


Main Feature

- Ultrathin and flexible for portable use.

- Ultra bright highly legible LEDs display message clearly.

- Low power consumption and more uptime.

- Support multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.

- Can display English, Arabic, Spanish, special letter form.

- Can display symbols, graphics and guide arrow patterns.

- Individual display LED modules can be replaced easily.

- With portable stand for flexible use.

- With lite hand hold controller.

- Program by PC or mobile phone with donartech software.

- Communication via RS232 or wireless Bluetooth.

- Front door access to internal parts.

- Weather-resistant Construction.

- Powder coat paint.

- Available sizes and mounting options.



- Dimension: 1100X600X55mm

- Viewing Window:  polycarbonate

- LED Pixel: 64X32pixels

- LED colour: Amber

- LED angle: 30 degree viewing angle.

- LED life: 100000 hours

- Visual Distance: more than 300m

- Power: 12V DC or solar power

- Operating Temps: -20   to 70

- Weight: 12KGS

- Guarantee: One year



- Advanced Hand Hold controller

- Mobile Phone Software


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