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Vehicle color sign
  • Vehicle color sign

  • Model : DN-VMV3A-B1
Designed and manufactured by Donartech, the Color Message Signs can display any range of message composed of letters, symbols, animations and you can design your own symbols, import your corporate logo and other living message.


Color Variable Message Signs use high-efficiency LEDs for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility. Unique design support for multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.


The truck-mount signs include an integrated frame, with electric actuator can raise and lower sign. When raised to vertical, the sign displays messages to motorists.  For ease of use, through pre-programmed messages, these signs use hand-hold terminal device, user can operate it very convenient in vehicle.


Vehicle-mounted signs are ideal use for Road work, Road striping, Snow removal, Road sweeping, Pothole repairs, Crash cushion trucks, and any more.



- Three-color full matrix LED display.

- Ultra bright highly legible LEDs display message clearly.

- Low power consumption and more uptime.

- Support multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.

- Can display English, Arabic, Spanish, special letter form.

- Can display symbols, graphics and animation.

- Individual display LED modules can be replaced easily.

- With hand hold controller

- Program message by PC or mobile phone with Donartech software.

- Communication via RS232 or wireless Bluetooth.

- AC, DC, or Solar power option                                                         

- Weather-resistant Construction.

- Powder coat paint.

- Choice of sizes and mounting options.



Screen Dimensions: 1350X850X70mm

Viewing Window:  polycarbonate

Paint: Powder paint, white.

LED Pixel: 80X48 pixels

LED colour: Amber, Red, White

LED angle: 30 degree viewing angle.

LED life: 100000 hours

Visual Distance: more than 500 M

Power: 12V DC or solar power option

Operating Temps: -20 ℃  to 70 ℃

Weight: 45KGS

Guarantee: One year

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