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Solar Power Speed Limt Sign for school
  • Solar Power Speed Limt Sign for school

  • Model : DN-VHP1C-B1
Solar power, energy saving. Remind the driver speed less than the speed limit. When weather and driving environment change (such as fog, snow, road is icy, road work, etc.) to ensure traffic safety, improve highway security.





Size: 100 X 100X 7cm


Weight: 20KGS

Circle Dia: 800mm Red

LED Wavelengh: Red 625±5

Yellow 590±5

LED life: ≥100000 hours

Power: 12VDC or solar power

Operating Temps - 20℃to 70℃

Viewing distance: 300 meters

Cabinet Material: cold-rolled steel, spray, black


Warrantee: One year

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