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Variable Speed Limit Sign
  • Variable Speed Limit Sign

  • Model : DN-VHP2A-B1
Remind the driver speed less than the speed limit. When weather and driving environmental change (such as fog, snow, road is icy, road work, etc.) to ensure traffic safety, improve highway security.



- Built-in an electronic clock chip that is programmed to operate during the time.

- High intensity LEDs ensuring visibility in all light conditions.

- Automatic dimming, avoid the sight discomfort, energy-saving.

- Various annulus displaying modes (flash or static, and flash frequency optional).

- Simple installation, easy to maintenance.

- Built-in LCD guide menu, operate easily.



Size: 1500 X 1500X 200mm

2 digits

Weight: 80KGS

Circle Dia: 1400mm Red

Yellow pixel: 24X16 pcs

LED Wavelengh: Red 625±5

Yellow 590±5

LED life: ≥100000小时

Power: AC power

Communication Interface: RS-232C; TCP / IP

Operating Temps - 20℃to 70℃

Viewing distance: 300 meters

Cabinet Material: cold-rolled steel, spray, black


Warrantee: One year

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